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Health Benefits Icon


We care about the whole you – and it starts with good health. Our comprehensive health package and incentive programs make good health even better. More Details

Comprehensive Health Package

Through our Total Rewards Program, you'll enroll annually in medical benefits options that suit your family and lifestyle best. These options include:

  • Children and/or domestic partners
  • Life insurance, disability, and employee assistance offered at no cost to you
  • Dental and vision insurance options
  • A variety of cost-saving preventative opportunities through the onsite associate health and wellness program located at one of our downtown St. Louis, MO locations

Employee Assistance Program

Free, confidential access to licensed professional counselors who are trained to help with a variety of personal or family challenges are available to you depending on your specific needs.

Weight Management Programs

Each year, we offer unique incentive programs to help you reach your weight, fitness, and lifestyle goals. These programs take shape through the needs and requests of our associates.

Family Benefits Icon


We have one of the most progressive parental support policies in the industry backed by programs and perks to support your family as it continues to grow. More Details

Parent Support Policy

Family always comes first – a commitment we've made across the entire organization by offering one of the most progressive parent support policies in the industry. All designated primary caregivers are offered up to 14 weeks of paid leave, and can elect up to an additional 12 weeks for a potential of 26 weeks total at home as you start or grow your family. If you are not the primary caregiver, you'll receive one week of paid leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.

Child Adoption Assistance Program

Adopting a child is a special gift, and we hope to assist with offsetting a few of the costs incurred with growing your family. There are some variances across this program depending on your role within the organization.

Infant Formula Program

If you have an infant under 12 months old, you'll receive 32 store coupons for any type of Nestlé family.

Finances Benefits Icon


401K matching, an annual bonus plan, FSAs, HSAs, and recognition programs – we know just how important these are to you and your family. More Details

Bonus Plan

As a full-time employee of Nestlé, you become eligible for our short-term incentive program based on the company's overall annual performance.


When you add to your retirement savings plan, we feed into it, too. You'll save on a before-tax basis through automated payroll deductions – and it's easy to monitor and keep track of online.

Recognition Programs

There are many ways to receive awards and rewards, as well as earn recognition for top-notch work. These may vary by location, department, or team. Don't worry, the work you do will not go unnoticed.

Corporate Discounts

Being part of such a large corporate network like Nestlé comes with big perks – discounts on buying/renting vehicles, tickets to sporting events, and lower rates for cell phone plans and other consumer products. If you're stationed at our head IS/IT office in St. Louis, you'll also have access to the Nestlé "Company Store" at one of our downtown St. Louis locations, which offers considerable discounts on a variety of Nestlé products, including pet food, confectionary items, snacks, and other merchandise.

Education Benefits Icon


Thinking about going back to school? Or receiving ongoing training and development to advance your career? We have more than just an app for that. More Details

Training and Development

We know everyone learns in different ways and at different paces – and we accommodate them all. Online, in-class, small teams, big groups, onsite, away from the office. We have a robust assortment of class options designed specifically for areas of interest and development across the business. The Associate Development Center at one of our downtown St. Louis locations is a prime location for many of our in-house training courses.

Education Reimbursement

Regardless of your career area or level, if you're interested in pursuing higher education to further develop in your role, we want to support you. We offer reimbursement toward tuition and book/class fees to help you reach your next-step educational aspirations.

Paid Time Off Benefits Icon

Paid Time Off

Family always comes first – and we recognize you have priorities outside of work. Our flexible paid time off package gives you all the time you need for everything you want. More Details

Company Holidays

Annually, we honor eight federal holidays, as well as additional paid personal days near the spring and winter holidays. Two floating days (to use at your discretion for religious, cultural, or personal reasons) are also provided. *Number of floating holidays may vary in your first year of employment based on hiring date.

Expected paid holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • One-Day Spring Break
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Your Own Personal Time Away

For vacation, medical, or personal reasons that are entirely up to you and your needs, you are well deserving of paid time off (PTO) throughout the year. Eligible employees earn PTO each pay period with accrual abilities based on your years of service with Nestlé.

Bereavement and Funeral Leave Policy

The loss of a relative has profound impact on a person. This policy is designed to allow you ample time away from work to be with your family while coping through the loss of a loved one.

Perks Benefits Icon

On-the-Job Perks

These will vary by location, but you can bet at every place that you’ll have access to corporate discounts, great food, and activities to stay well and inspired. More Details

NOTE: These benefits are specifically for employees who will be located at our head IS/IT offices in St. Louis, Missouri.

Proximity to Cafés and Restaurants

Being located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, just outside of our office doors (and breathtaking, high-rise view) are cafés and restaurants of every type for any moment of the day – Check out the city's recommended eateries.

Free Parking

Parking is a premium in most cities. At this downtown location, you're provided with a free parking pass in a covered parking garage. We want to ease your mind on the commute to work as best as we can.

Fitness & Wellness Center

Although not located on the property of our heart-of-downtown location, just a few long blocks away at another location is our Fitness & Wellness Center available to you with convenient offerings:

  • $10/month gym membership with access to cardio equipment, free weights, personal training, and a variety of fitness classes (open early morning and into the evening)
  • Free CPR certification classes
  • Therapeutic massage services available every Wednesday ($1/minute)
  • Free care and consultation from our full-time nursing staff
    • Flu shots
    • Blood pressure checks
    • Annual biometric health screenings
    • Treatment for minor and acute illnesses/injuries

Our Recruiting Process

This is a decorative image of a woman taking notes in a notebook.
Do Your Research First

The IT market is competitive – and we know you have a world of innovative employers to choose from. It's crucial to us that we're just as strong of a career fit for you as you are for Nestlé. We encourage you to do plenty of research on us through our careers website and learn more about each of our different Nestlé businesses to see if we're a good fit for each other. If you don't find a position currently available that fits your career goals, join our Nestlé IT Talent Network to receive alerts when relevant jobs become available…straight to your inbox.

Apply Online

In order to be considered for any one of our IT job openings, you must apply online through our careers website. Every applicant that meets our basic qualifications on the job will have their résumé reviewed by a member of our Talent Sourcing Team. The application will take less than 5 minutes and can be done on a mobile device – we recommend reading the job posting thoroughly to ensure you meet the basic qualifications listed. Upon applying for a job, you'll receive prompts to create a username and password. Keep track of these credentials as you can revisit the Applicant Tracking System throughout the recruiting process to check the status of your application.

*A résumé is required upon application, however, cover letters, letters of recommendation, and a list of references are not needed.

Phone Interview

Upon reviewing your job application, you may be contacted by a Recruiter on our Talent Sourcing Team for a behavior-based phone interview. If you do not make it to the phone interview stage, you will also be contacted by us via email so you're not left in the dark wondering where you are in the process. This interview is more than just diving into your résumé. Research effective behavior-based interviewing skills to help prepare for this step in the process. A few recommendations to consider:

  • Make sure you have strong wifi connection at the location in which you plan to conduct your phone interview
  • Locate a quiet setting free of any background noise
  • Have your résumé in front of you to reference
  • Prepare a few questions for the Recruiter at the conclusion of the interview – questions you may not have found answers to throughout your online research
Face-to-Face Interview

A successful phone interview may lead you to the face-to-face interviewing stage either at our Nestlé IT offices in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, at any of our local Nestlé businesses around the U.S., or online through our virtual interviewing platform. You'll interview with three different interviewers (or small-group interviewing teams) over the course of three hours to answer various behavior-based interviewing questions about your background, experience, and expertise. Click here for tips on successful behavior-based interviewing. You'll hear from a member of our Talent Sourcing Team whether or not you'll be extended an offer for the job. We promise, we'll never leave you hanging.

Verbal Offer

We'll extend you a “verbal offer” if you had success in our face-to-face interviewing process and are the right candidate for the job. We move as quickly as we can – you can expect to be contacted by a representative from Nestlé.


At this point, you've accepted our verbal offer and are beginning the paperwork to officially join our Nestlé Family. We (and you) have some important administrative tasks to complete before your first day on the job, so we'll get the ball rolling right away through email communication from our Talent Sourcing Team. Please be on the lookout in your email inbox and by phone regarding important next steps.


This is a great time for asking questions and finalizing any details prior to joining us, whether you're relocating to our head offices in St. Louis, another one of our U.S. Nestlé businesses locations, or beginning your role with us virtually. A little something special will arrive on your doorstep – something so you know we're thinking of you as you make this career transition. You'll have a contact from Nestlé available should you need anything leading up to your start date. Beyond that, we're thrilled to have you join our very #PassionIT team. Welcome aboard!

Tips For Successful Behavior-Based Interviewing

Two women interviewing for a job

Review our Nestlé Glassdoor profile to learn more about what it's like to work for us.

Before the face-to-face interview

  • Research the behavior-based interviewing style online (this is similar to the 'STAR' method).
  • Visit us on the Nestlé Glassdoor page for firsthand knowledge from our associates and other interviewees regarding our recruiting process and the culture of Nestlé.
  • Set up a mock interview with a friend or family member using real-world examples and conversation styles you would share in an actual interview.
  • Take notes on key events, projects, and experiences you've had that can help you articulate your strengths and skill sets.
  • Prepare your notes and bring a copy of your résumé to reference throughout the interview (although NOT required).
  • Prepare a list of specific questions about the role to ask at the end of the interview.
  • Dress professionally (business casual).
  • Plan accordingly for the commute and parking accommodations if you're interviewing in person at our St. Louis, Missouri offices. For virtual interviews, ensure you follow the emailed directions provided by our Talent Sourcing Team, including a "tech check", and secure a strong wifi connection in a quiet location.

During the face-to-face interview

  • You'll spend up to three hours with us interviewing with three different interviewers or small-group interviewing teams. It's important you do not repeat the exact same situations or examples to different interviewing teams. Think of as many different examples or professional situations you can walk us through so we can understand your full experience.
  • Go into story-telling mode. For each question, you'll walk us through a specific example, which should outline the situation, behavior, and outcome of that particular project or scenario.
  • Focus on recent examples from any relevant context – current/previous jobs, extracurricular activities, schooling or tech courses, side projects, volunteer experience, etc.
  • This interview is about YOU – don't hesitate to use "I" versus "we" language – we want to know the behaviors and contributions you made.
  • We don't expect all projects and teams to have strong outcomes. The actions you took throughout – even if the project wasn't successful – is what we care about most. Focus most on your behaviors and less on the actual outcome. We promise, no trick questions!
  • We know interviews can be nerve racking. Take a deep breath after each question and allow yourself to think for a moment as you determine the right "story" to share with us in your answer.

After the face-to-face interview

  • Don't just ask questions to ask questions – genuinely ask what you have yet to receive answers for. For example:
    • How will my role (or my team) be measured?
    • Where do you see the department or this role in the next 5 years?
    • What are the biggest challenges you foresee in this role?
  • After the interview, we'll notify you immediately one way or the other as to whether or not you'll receive an offer for the job.

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